Desde Canadá (II)


School is very different than Spanish school.
I start school at 8:43 and I finish at 3:05. I have 5 classes every day and there are two semesters. We have 4 subjects every semester. The classes are 1 hour and 3 minutes, I have 4 minutes between class and class and I have a break for 8 minutes and lunch is 47 minutes.
The school is very small but all classes have got a digital board and a speaker to listen to the teacher. Also the gym is very good and the school has got a soccer field of grass.
My subjects are four this semester and H.A.C.E, (Tutoría) PE, Religion, and it is the first time in my life I have religion. English with Ethan’s uncle but all people call him Hitler, and Math.
I like all teachers, they are great and funny but you can’t talk in class, but you can listen to music and use your mobile phone.
The courses are different. Here there are grades 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12.
Grade 8 is like second year of ESO.
Grade 9 is like third year oVíctor 5f ESO.
Grade 10 is like fourth year of ESO.
Grade 11 is like first year of Bachillerato.
Grade 12 is like second year of Bachillerato.
Here they start the high school one year later than Spanish people.
Here grades 11 and 12 are obligatory, and the goals of all people are to go to a good university.
Also there are sports after school, I have soccer 3 days a week after school but there is volleyball for girls too.

We have lockers and we can’t wear sport clothes in class. We have to change before PE. It is incredible!!!



I start the routine. All days are the same. I get up at quarter past seven. I have a shower and I have breakfast, a glass of milk with cereal. Always we leave home at 8:10, because the high school is like 25 minutes driving.
The classes are very long, 1 hour and 3 minutes, but they are great because you can use your phone to listen to music, find words on internet. The classes start at 8:43 and finish at 3:05, we only have 4 subjects and 5 hours every day, so we have 6 hours and 18 minutes of every subject. It is a long time. I love having lockers, on Monday you leave in your locker your books, the trousers and t-shirt to do PE, and other things and on Friday before the weekend, you catch your things. It is very different than Spain, if you arrive late to class, you have to go to the office to have a signature, if you get 5 signatures the secretary will call your house and your parents have to go to the school. At lunchtime you only can leave the school if you rate in grade 11 and 12, like first and second of bachillerato. I am not sure but the school costs a lot of money, the facilities are really good and the gym is spectacular After school I have got different activities for example, Mondays, Wednesday and Friday there is cross country running. On Thursday we have got Spanish class with our exchange. It is so funny.
In PE now we are playing baseball, with gloves and a hard bat, for me it was the first time. I had never played before, but I like it, it is entertaining.
Other days I have soccer but I can’t play the matches because I am not here one year, the other weekend the soccer team was in Kamloops. It is a city two hours driving, they were in a hotel, and they were playing five matches, I wish I could play matches. 

After school and after activities sometimes I go to see Ethan’s hockey team, and other days I go home to go for a run or we go to the hot tub, because now the pool is closed Also sometimes we go to watch a film in the room cinema. 


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