Desde Canadá (III)


I don’t like religious education very much, I don’t like mass, but never mind, once a month there is mass in the school. It the most boring thing I’m doing here. It is so bad because all people have to wear uniforms: Black pants, a white shirt and a tie. I can’t understand Why!

Well, I am going to change the thing. In my opinion, I think the Canadian schedule is better here than in Spain. Because here you only have 4 subjects every semester, so it is as If you had got 2 courses the same year. And at the end you only have got 4 final tests. I would like to have lockers in Spain. In my opinion it is a great idea. For me it is strange the sports, here sports are more important than school. For example, a lot of girls weren’t in class yesterday because they were playing volleyball in Vancouver. PE in this school is amazing because all weeks we play a different sport and the school has got a lot of facilities to practice sport.

I am learning a lot of English and Canadian culture too. My family here is incredible, they take care of me like of their kids. I am very good in their house too. If I could, I would be here all year but in one month I have to go back to Spain. Now I have a lot of homework and a little time to do it because I have to do Canadian homework and study for Canadian tests and the same from Spain and I go to soccer and cross country too. Now I am writing in the car, because we are driving to Vancouver to see Ethan’s team, to go shopping and to see the city. This weekend is Thanksgiving here and we can’t celebrate it. Next week I will go to Vancouver with the school, we will visit the planetary museum and we are going to sleep in a sleeping bag in the museum. It will be great!!! Here are some photos of Vancouver:

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