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Este curso tenemos la suerte de poder participar en el “Programa de intercambio escolar con centros de regiones de Canadá”. Víctor Carranza, alumno de 4ºA de la ESO de nuestro instituto, se encuentra en Kelowna, una ciudad al suroeste de Canadá, donde está pasando dos meses con Ethan y su familia. En este blog compartirá con nosotros parte de su experiencia. El próximo trimestre será Ethan quien visite Ávila y nuestro centro.

Pimera entrega.


I got up early, well I didn’t sleep that night, I was very nervous for the journey. My family and I had to go to Segovia. I had to be in Segovia to catch the bus at 8:30, with Pueyo, a friend. He was waiting for the bus too. Here is where my trip started.
The journey was very long, 25 hours Madrid – Kelowna. I thought the people going to Kelowna would be housebound, and I thought the girls would be ugly. But they weren’t.
All the boys are great; they do a lot of sport and study too. And the girls are pretty and do a lot of sport too. It is incredible. I was wrong.
(I am writing this in the English class, because it is very boring).
During the journey I made a lot of friends. The plane was very big, the seats were not good, but we had a TV in front of each seat with movies and games.
The first flight was 8 hours and a half (Madrid – Toronto).
The second flight was 5 hours and a half (Toronto – Vancouver).
We arrived in Vancouver so late, and Air Canada gave us a free night in the Airport Hotel.
We arrived in Kelowna the next day after the third flight (Vancouver – Kelowna), only 30 minutes.
And the same day we were at the Inmaculata High School, and we met our families.
My family is great.
Ethan is one year older than me, and he is sporty and friendly. He is like my brother.
Coralie is Ethan’s Mom; she is great, pretty, funny and is like my mother in Canada.
Kevin is Ethan’s father, he is very funny and very strong, he is like my father
Lauren is Ethan’s sister, she is pretty and she is two years younger than me. She is like my sister.
Definitely they are like my family in Canada.
I love Kelowna, it is very beautiful and the weather is great. All here is like in the movies and like GTA, too.

Last weekend we were in Shuswap Lake, it is a beautiful place. We were at his grandparents’ house, in the same lake. Their house is nice and small, but I like it. I was doing water skiing, kayaking, I drove the boat, we jumped with a rope onto the lake, we saw a bear, we were eating marshmellows around the fire  … It was great, all here is great.
And Ethan’s house is the most beautiful and nice house that I have ever seen. It is very big, and they have a hot tub, a pool, ping pong, a CINEMA! It is fantastic.

Here are some photos and a video.





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